[10501] Yahoo! Taiwan – SJM taking about their long stay in Taiwan

SM: We have been in
Taiwan for a month
already we had
many schedules and
have experienced
Taiwan. We have also gotten used to
living in Taiwan. We
went to the night
markets during
filming and have
experienced many things and have
created many
memories. The
members have how
become “permanent” guests on a radio show so
you guy should be
happy when you
listen so we are in a
good mood. Also,
during our rest times, we are working hard
to learn mandarin.

*as manager speaks
EH lip synced*

*sm joins in*

ZM: This isn’t the first time we came to
Taiwan. We are most
happy that we can
stay in Taiwan this
time and we all did
went out and ate many things. In the
past when we came,
we want to try
Taiwan’s delicacies and go the the night
markets and we only
knew of Shilin Night

Henry: Now we have
already went to
most of Taipei’s night markets.

ZM: ShiDa Night
market..we even
went to Ji Long to

Henry: We even
went to Tainan’s night markets.

ZM: We didn’t miss a single night market.
We have already
spent a month here
but we still have to
stay at taipei for a
longer time for promotions so we
hope to have more
activities and have
more chances to
meet more fans. Be it
autograph sessions or fan meets or go on
tv programs.

SM: Ok.

ZM: What else?

KH: When we have
holidays, we would
play games and eat

RW: Kyuhyun is a zai
nan(hikikomori) .
When we don ’t have schedules, I would
go to East area,
Ximending, night
markets, yang ming
shan… so I don’t have any money to go out
any more.

ZM: What is most
important is when
we came here, all
the members’ mandarin have
improved as they all
work hard to learn.
Also, we lived here
and with the help of
many friends and teachers, we would
go to many places to
eat and learn
mandarin. So KH and
RW’s mandarin have improved the most.

Henry: The mandarin
teacher would come
everyday to teach
them. Especially RW,
His mandarin have
improved the most. I feel that I should …

ZM: You aren’t doing that bad either. You
have improved alot
as well.

HEnry: I did?

ZM: Yep. Coz before
this your mandarin is
really lousy.

Henry: It is still lousy
now. for me, when i
was younger i would
come to taiwan to
visit relatives. This
time I am very happy to be able to see my
relatives and mother
and my brother too.
So I am really happy
this time.

SM: Donghae and
Siwon are not here
right now as they
have started filming
for their drama so
they are working very hard on it.
Heard it would be a
very interesting
piece of work .
Though I have not
been to their filming site but I hope to go
visit them to give
them support. Hope
everyone gives
them your support
too. We will wait for their drama to be
broadcasted and
enjoy it happily.

*ZM translates for

[trans: fayerielf ]


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